V E N U E 

The new University is located on the outskirts of east Nicosia, between Aglantzia and Athalassa, and covers an area of approximately 1.2 square kilometres. The new Facilities will eventually host all faculties, the departments, and teaching activities of the University.
An international architectural competition was held in 1992 for the design of the New Campus, The winning designs served as the basis for the final Master Plan, which was completed in 1994 and approved in 1998, at which time buildind commenced.
The Master Plan conceptualizes the Campus in four basic zones:
  • the zone of the Public Buildings
  • the zone of the Academic Buildings
  • the zone of the Sports Facilities and
  • the zone of the Student Residences
By its completion, the Campus will be able to accommodate up to 10,000 students.
The Campus Development Office (CDO) has overall responsibility for the administration, coordination, supervision and development of the project. To facilitate coordination the projects, the CDO has drawn up various schemata according to which the design and planning are undertaken.These schemata consider both urban and architectural parameters, energy management, mechanical and electrical issues, computer networks, etc.
The Master Plan was approved by the Council of Ministers and, in 1998, the detailed design and the construction of the Campus Projects had commenced. The development of the Campus will be completed in two basic phases, mainlythrough architectural competitions, that constitute the main procedure for assigning the study, the design and the management of the construction of the building facilities.